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BANCA Project Update 7.6.2022

General Update: As we have uploaded three more researches on CoinDr platform in the past month, online test for this new application has concluded with success. So far, users have access to a total of nine research series on CoinDr, each of them is created by BANCA team and contains meaningful information about the cryptoContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 7.6.2022”

BANCA Project Update 2.5.2022

General Update: We have uploaded three new research reports to CoinDr last month, including two beta version reports which meet the community for the first time. In the new 101 Factors Report, we have performed research on the Factor #003 in WorldQuant’s 101 Factors. The findings are interesting. Although the group with highest factor scoresContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 2.5.2022”

BANCA Project Update 28.3.2022

General Update: CoinDr beta version is now officially online. Since this month, BANCA team starts to upload new research reports for CoinDr beta version. As we have introduced in previous updates, those new reports mainly include advanced factor reports and behavioral analysis series of reports. In this month, we have already released the first issuesContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 28.3.2022”

BANCA Project Update 27.1.2022

General Update: In traditional finance, professionals look at a wide range of factors. For example, some factors can come from a stock’s fundamental data, like earnings, revenue, debt ratio, etc. Some factors can come from valuation of a stock, like PE ratio, PB ratio and EV to EBITDA. There are also technical factors which includeContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 27.1.2022”

BANCA Project Update 27.10.2021

General Update: BANCA team now continues to further our research and develop new research reports for CoinDr beta version. Some of those new research will be built upon existing researches. For example, in alpha version, factor research only covers the basic format of momentum factor. But this basic format is being tracked and exploited byContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 27.10.2021”

BANCA Project Update 20.7.2021

General Update: BANCA team is getting close to finishing development of CoinDr. When we finish all the research and developments, we will spend some more time on testing CoinDr, after which the new application will finally meet our fans online. The alpha version is expected to contain five periodical papers, all leveraging our machine learningContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 20.7.2021”

BANCA Project Update 22.6.2021

General Update: On CoinDr development, we have made good progress since last month. However, we are still in the process of heavy researching and developing. As a little preview, one of the papers will feature interesting ideas from user behavior on CoinAI. As you already known, CoinAI is a quantitative research platform for cryptos whereContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 22.6.2021”

BANCA Project Update 25.5.2021

General Update: BANCA team continues our development on multiple fronts including CoinDr and new BANCA websites and a series of research papers. For the research papers, our team has finalized the main ideas, but we need to back-test the ideas using historical crypto market data before presenting them for users. For crypto traders, couple ofContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 25.5.2021”

BANCA Project Update 22.3.2021

General Update: After discussion, BANCA team has finalized on the design of CoinDr’s user interface, as well as the organization of the publishing rules. Now we are in full development phase for this fourth application of BANCA platform. As we mentioned before, CoinDr will provide research papers that we think are relevant to crypto lovers.Continue reading “BANCA Project Update 22.3.2021”

BANCA Project Update 20.1.2021

General Update: BANCA team continues to put much effort in the maintenance of CoinAI, CoinUltra and CoinShell. There are three types of maintenance work we are currently involved in. First, we keep on looking for bugs and keep fixing bugs so that the products will become more user-friendly. Second, our data source may change andContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 20.1.2021”

CoinShell Beta Launched

BANCA Platform The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users. Website:

BANCA Project Update 26.8.2020

General Update: CoinShell Deep Learning model uses a two-layer LSTM Recurrent Neural Network and each trading pair’s OHLCV data as inputs. It enables automatic search of useful features by AI and dynamic updates of model parameters. It is also more advanced to traditional technical signal models in terms of introducing non-linearity to better represent theContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 26.8.2020”

BANCA Project Update 20.7.2020

General Update: In addition to more trading pairs and more possible signals, CoinShell Beta Version will also bring more customization for users. Our signal table will effectively become a watch list and each user can customize the watch list by selecting the trading pairs and signals that suit his own needs. BANCA always puts theContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 20.7.2020”

BANCA Project Update 19.6.2020

General Update: In CoinShell Alpha Version, we only covered 10 of the most common trading pairs. Also, we only have the eight most classic types of signals from traditional technical analysis. However, with this relatively limited number of total signals, the system is not likely to output many convincing ideas at any point of time.Continue reading “BANCA Project Update 19.6.2020”

BANCA Project Update 21.5.2020

General Update: As CoinShell Alpha Version launched on May 5th, BANCA platform now has three applications, each targeting a different angle of user needs. As a reminder, our latest application, CoinShell, uses innovative machine learning technologies to facilitate short-term trading. In the Alpha version, we only include some most common trading pairs and the simplestContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 21.5.2020”

BANCA Project Update 24.3.2020

General Update: BANCA team has almost finished development for CoinShell Alpha Version! We expect both front-end and back-end to complete in mid April despite the negative influence of COVID-19 to our progress. After that, we will put it in a testing environment and enter testing phase. The COVID-19 virus has caused a dramatic downturn inContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 24.3.2020”

BANCA Project Update 17.2.2020

General Update: Due to the Coronavirus situation, Chinese government has lengthened Chinese New Year Holidays and further advised companies to have their employees work remotely. Considering the seriousness of the virus outbreak, like many other companies in China at the moment, BANCA team has continued its operation with all team members working from home. WeContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 17.2.2020”

BANCA Project Update 17.1.2020

General Update: In making predictions on crypto prices using LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) model, we have tried various methodologies and it seems to have the following conclusions: 1. The nature of the model is time series analysis (such as Autoregressive Model ARt, where t = length of training set), but more complicated than ARContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 17.1.2020”

BANCA Project Update 20.12.2019

General Update: 1. BANCA Team has performed deep research on short-term market timing models in the traditional financial market. Those models can be classified into four categories, although deep learning has not so far been widely applied in practice. Those four categories are listed below: Ø Traditional technical signals, such as moving averages; Ø TimeContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 20.12.2019”

BANCA Project Update 18.11.2019

General Update: 1. As back-testing of trading signals take a lot of efforts, we expect the alpha version of CoinShell will contain only major trading pairs and most straight forward trading signals, such as moving average system. The benefit of moving slowly towards our goal is two-fold: it will make our workflow more efficient andContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 18.11.2019”

BANCA Project Update 17.10.2019

General Update: 1. CoinShell development had a week-long pause during Chinese National Day holiday and resumed on Oct. 8th. Now the whole team is back at work with renewed passion. 2. As Tensorflow 2.0 is officially released, BANCA team has requested all its modeling related personel to acquire necessary training and we will be utilizingContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 17.10.2019”

BANCA Project Update 20.8.2019

General Update: 1. BANCA has officially announced the next (the third) application, CoinShell, an AI Powered Trading Assistant Platform for Cryptocurrencies. The team has already started working on the new product. BANCA believes it will become a very important component in our product lineup when it is finished. We are very glad to see anotherContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 20.8.2019”

BANCA Project Update 23.7.2019

General Update: 1. As part of the marketing process for CoinUltra beta version, BANCA released an introductory article last week on some of its brilliant new features. We expect this article will help people learn more about CoinUltra and potentially can bring BANCA more paid VIPs, which is crucial to the success of BANCA project.Continue reading “BANCA Project Update 23.7.2019”

Introduction to CoinUltra Beta

Since its release, CoinUltra Beta Version has already attracted attention from many crypto lovers, including some who have signed up for VIP in its first weeks of operation. However, we think many users are still hesitating on whether to go for a VIP subscription because they are wondering what exactly a VIP experience will bring.Continue reading “Introduction to CoinUltra Beta”

BANCA Project Update 21.6.2019

General Update: On June 20, CoinUltra Beta Version is finally online. This has brought the crypto community the brand-new listing timer function as well as a set of improved machine learning models which will better tag the live news feeds. There are other improvements and new functions in Beta Version that we would prefer toContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 21.6.2019”

BANCA Project Update 16.5.2019

General Update: On May 8th, BANCA has officially announced CoinUltra Beta Version, which is finally going to be launched in June. The new version will include a better sentiment tagging model, better market candlecharts and a brand-new listing timer section. It will also contain a fully developed user center where BANCA token can be usedContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 16.5.2019”

BANCA Project Update 18.4.2019

General Update: BANCA main website has been upgraded! We have redesigned the main page to emphasize more on the link to CoinAI and CoinUltra. We have also added a detailed introduction to CoinUltra functions. Not many crypto projects which started at about the same time with BANCA have a working product. Yet we have notContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 18.4.2019”

BANCA bi-weekly report 15.3.2019

General Update: BANCA team has decided to emphasize more on deep learning in the future. We believe Artificial Intelligence will be a major influence to crypto industry. Luckily, our team has deep understanding about AI and the process to implement it in real time! Development Progress: 1. In progress: Prototype of CoinUltra beta version hasContinue reading “BANCA bi-weekly report 15.3.2019”

BANCA bi-weekly report 4.1.2019

General Update: Testing and development on CoinUltra is going smoothly and therefore we are very optimistic to deliver the alpha version by the end of January. As we have mentioned in the previous update, it will temporarily be free to use by all registered users when we continue to develop more features and make improvements.Continue reading “BANCA bi-weekly report 4.1.2019”

BANCA bi-weekly report 7.12.2018

General Update: We expect the development of CoinUltra will enter testing phase very soon and it will be interesting for us to see our great modules working together. Product Update and Development Progress: 1. Finished: The prototype of CoinUltra front-end and back-end development has been finished. 2. In progress: The training of the first versionContinue reading “BANCA bi-weekly report 7.12.2018”

Meet the Banca Tech Team

Banca tech team will give brief video introduction to themselves and the work they have been working on! It will help the community better understand what Banca is up to and promote existing and upcoming products! Mark your calendar and don’t forget to join us in this big event! This video is expected to featureContinue reading “Meet the Banca Tech Team”

Important Annoucement

Dear Community Members, Banca since its inception has made great achievements. We have successfully launched CoinAI, ‘World’s Leading Quantitative Research Engine for Cryptos’, as our first utility. We recently announced CoinUltra, which is our second utility and we are making good progress on the product. We are among the few crypto projects that have establishedContinue reading “Important Annoucement”

BANCA bi-weekly report 26.10.2018

General Update: We have launched new marketing campaign to boost the exposure of BANCA utilities on Twitter. This campaign includes a weekly update on top performing portfolios in the community and more Tweets on CoinAI functions, BANCA token utilities and general updates of AI industry. 2. Recently BANCA has announced additional ban rules in TelegramContinue reading “BANCA bi-weekly report 26.10.2018”

Banca/USDT new trading pair listed on Wazirx

Exchange Update Banca is now traded on Indian exchange Wazirx. Just opened new Banca/USDT trading pair!! For traders in India, trading has also been open for Banca/INR. We are glad to see BANCA project entering another big and dynamic market!

BANCA project Update 17.08.2018

We have released Beta version for CoinAI which contains the utility for BANCA token on August 15! This is another very important step towards our ultimate goal of building a full-service Wall Street based on community blockchain and AI technology! It has been a week since we made the announcement of voluntary delisting from FCoinContinue reading “BANCA project Update 17.08.2018”

Banca token utility is here!

🔥 Announcement 🔥 CoinAI Beta version is now officially online! 🚀 Now all users can gain access to VIP functions through subscription with BANCA tokens! Besides, please check out our brand-new home page for CoinAI. The new layout is designed to emphasize the interaction of the community and to make CoinAI more user-friendly. 👉 HeadContinue reading “Banca token utility is here!”

BANCA Weekly Update 10.08.2018

The Community testing of CoinAI is underway. We would like to thank everyone who has sent us their application emails with precious suggestions. And congratulations to those five users who got the first peek at the new CoinAI. Without questions, all of them have immediately become our paid users! With Community testing set to finishContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 10.08.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 03.08.2018

1. BANCA payment function for CoinAI is now fully developed and ready to go live! By this achievement, BANCA project has passed another important checkpoint. 2. In order to make sure the product is in its best shape before meeting the public, We have sent out invitation for everyone to join us in ‘Community Testing’Continue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 03.08.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 27.07.2018

It is finally here! We have released Korean versions for both BANCA and COINAI. Our Korean community is already playing an important role during the process, helping us to make many of the translations right. Thanks to our marvelous Korean community! We have pushed our marketing efforts into Korean media this week. Now over 200Continue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 27.07.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 20.07.2018

BANCA and COINAI have been translated into Korean and will meet the Korean public once it passes our internal testing! 2. In the process of entering Korean market, we are making sure to partner with the best-quality service providers! Including media, community organizer, translator,etc.! 3. The team has decided to add more community features toContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 20.07.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 13.07.2018

BANCA is about to dramatically improve its utility on COINAI with VIP and wallet functions finishing development and now under alpha testing. The new version will bring significantly more demand for BANCA and our team will continue to add other user cases in the future! Following up on our recent listing on FCoin exchange, withdrawalContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 13.07.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 06.07.2018

With our amazing community support, BANCA has succeeded in getting listed on FCoin GPM, the world’s fastest growing crypto asset trading platform, and is now open for trading at About FCoin: World´s First Community-based, Autonomous and Transparent Digital Asset Trading Platform Distributes 80 percent of its revenue to FCoin token (FT) holders on a continuesContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 06.07.2018”

FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market) contest listing for BANCA token

Banca has been chosen as one of the projects, who can potentially be listed on Fcoin exchange in the nearest future! The rules of the contest have been published in here: From now on till 0:00 on July 1st, 2018, the tokens with top 20 total number of deposit accounts will be eligible forContinue reading “FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market) contest listing for BANCA token”

Banca Weekly Update 08.06.2018

We are working on improving CoinAI, respectively:  Introducing Day and Week to the ranking;  Adding edit/delete buttons to the portfolios;  Optimizing Portfolio Analysis. 2. Our website is connected with Google analytics, which can help us analyze website visits in real time, so that we can better improve our services according to theContinue reading “Banca Weekly Update 08.06.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 18.05.2018

For the past week Banca team has been testing and updating our seed application CoinAI. Release date is just around the corner on May, 31st. (picture below is not the final design) 2. We are re-designing our website from scratch. 3. We are planning to get more exposure for Banca project within Korean community. ThereContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 18.05.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 27.04.2018

Our tech team, based in China, are preparing the official release of Banca page on GitHub, scheduled date is on April, 30th. Below screenshots are a small part of the upcoming GitHub code. 2 . HitBTC has finished distributing prizes for the BANCA trading competition winners. 3. We will optimize all the aspects of the digitalContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 27.04.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 20.04.2018

Purchase of more servers for high-performance cloud services took place this week. Development of the platform could be formally transferred to the production and quality checking next week. 2. We have a new member joining us for back end technology development. The core members posses over 10 years of work experience in large-scale Internet companies,Continue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 20.04.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 13.04.2018

Our RoadMap is being followed as our team works hard in China. Today we would like to update our community on the technical aspects of the development progress. We will use multiple hosts as servers to ensure high-performance and deliverability during massive usage of BANCA`s comprehensive services. At the moment, the infrastructure has been selectedContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 13.04.2018”


Buy BANCA and win a brand new Porsche LINKS Website/Whitepaper/Roadmap: Twitter: Bitcointalk: Place Time March 7th to March 28th2018 (UTC 6PM) Details of the competition To celebrate BANCA World`s Premier Listing, we have compiled some amazing prizes for our users to win in the BANCA Trading Competition. We will rank users fromContinue reading “BANCA — TRADING COMPETITION”


BANCA TOKEN SALE DETAILS Dear Community Here at Banca, we believe that each community member has the right to contribute to our Token Sale in a safe and secure way. Therefore, we have decided to share with you a few steps that will help you protect yourself from scams, but also share with you someContinue reading “BANCA TOKEN SALE DETAILS”