BANCA Project Update 22.3.2021

General Update:

After discussion, BANCA team has finalized on the design of CoinDr’s user interface, as well as the organization of the publishing rules. Now we are in full development phase for this fourth application of BANCA platform.

As we mentioned before, CoinDr will provide research papers that we think are relevant to crypto lovers. It will also include functions such as rating and ranking. In addition, it will allow users to easily follow their favorite cryptos or research publishers. In the final design of CoinDr, we have included all those useful aspects, while leaving out redundant functions, so that the platform will look clean and professional.

On the contents side, we have made final decision on a few publishers. For the alpha version, we will have only internal research publishers who will be allowed to share their contents on CoinDr.

Development Progress:

  1. Designing of CoinDr is finished.
  2. Research publishers of CoinDr are finalized.
  3. Frontend and backend development of CoinDr has started.
  4. Our analysts and developers have started working on research ideas.

BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.