BANCA Weekly Update 04.05.2018

  1. It has been Labour Day in China but BANCA team is working hard as usual.
  2. GitHub page was created for BANCA, where our tech team will constantly post updates on the project development. It could be found in here
  3. We have signed a partnership agreement with Proxy Card , our community from now on could use their wallet and platform for storing and sending Banca tokens in an easy and safe way, as an alternative to MEW , MetaMask, etc.
  4. We have confirmed the release date of our alpha version seed application CoinAI.

CoinAI will use Artificial Intelligence and Quantitative algorithms for Cryptocurrency portfolio optimization.

4. There is an on-going process of a digital wallet development for Banca platform.

Create wallet interface
Get balance
Create transaction record

BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.

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