BANCA bi-weekly report 4.1.2019

General Update:

Testing and development on CoinUltra is going smoothly and therefore we are very optimistic to deliver the alpha version by the end of January. As we have mentioned in the previous update, it will temporarily be free to use by all registered users when we continue to develop more features and make improvements.

Starting with this bi-weekly update, we would like to give the community a sneak peek to CoinUltra, which is going to become a solid second BANCA application in just a month.

CoinUltra Intro:

1. Highly Personalized Experience

Once a user has registered and logged on to CoinUltra, all functions will be tailored to his/her personal needs. You may add any coins you would like to follow under ‘Watch List’ (shown below). Not only will the coin show up underneath with price/percentage return, all sorts of trading information will show up under ‘Favorite’ sections which spread all over CoinUltra. That information includes news flow, Twitter flow, price charts, market analysis, etc.

More good news: We have upgraded existing CoinAI accounts into universal BANCA accounts, so all registered users of CoinAI will be able to log onto CoinUltra with their existing accounts!

2. Information Flow with AI Tagging

All news feeds flow through a system which we call ‘AI Streamline’, which gives it two tags: one for topic and the other for sentiment. Once it is published on CoinUltra, we allow community to participate by giving it a third tagging indicating whether they view it as a ‘buy’ or ‘sell’.

Our goal is, as large amount of news constantly flows in, our users will be able to immediately see what the news is about and whether it indicates a potential trading opportunity. However, we have to point out for disclaimer purpose that the taggings are for reference only and traders will still need to check the full text of the news and the reliability of its sources before making a trade!

3. Easy-to-navigate News Classifier

We understand the needs of traders: To extract relevant information as quickly as possible. We have designed the navigation bar for the news feeds to fit exactly that need! Especially, it contains a ‘Favorite’ option which will bring you immediately the news relevant to the coins in your ‘Watch List’!

That’s it for this week. More features about CoinUltra will be introduced in our next bi-weekly report!

Development Progress:

1. In progress: Testing phase is going smoothly. We have made various improvements and bug-fixes. Those include:

a) Making navigation easier by optimizing front-end setup;

b) Removing unexplained punctuation at the front of some news feeds;

c) Fixing bugs on some coins’ Twitter feeds;

d) Continued improvement of AI models;

e) Continued beautification of layouts.

2. In progress: AI model continues to be improved when more data is accumulated and we are also getting more balanced data by using data modification strategies. Because most of the media, as always, are less willing to report bad news, we can ‘create’ more news with lower sentiment scores by selected editing so that we can boost data amount in those under-represented classifications.

BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.

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