BANCA bi-weekly report 18.1.2019

General Update:

BANCA team is winding up the testing phase of CoinUltra. A final release date is yet to be announced but we are getting close and the community can stay tuned on our media channels including Telegram and Twitter for an official announcement.

As we have planned, CoinUltra will stand out as a general-purpose information hub, which can suit the needs of all crypto lovers. It will not only become (after the beta version) one more utility for BANCA token, but also expect to attract a wider audience than our existing CoinAI application.

Next up, we have included the second sneak-peek intro for CoinUltra alpha version!

CoinUltra Intro (continued):

4. Real-time Market Dynamics

In our last update, we have introduced the powerful real-time media news feeds of CoinUltra, which certainly will attract the eyeball of many crypto traders. In addition to that, we have added to the platform a real-time price chart (shown below), to make CoinUltra a more complete information hub. With live feeds of both media and price information, users can count on CoinUltra for a majority of information needed in daily trading.

In a word, CoinUltra delivers real-time market dynamics in multiple dimensions, which is already a rare case in crypto world. Furthermore, we expect to upgrade this feature in later versions so that our users can get even deeper insights than what they can get elsewhere!

5. Trending Tokens

When building a ‘Watch List’, one question we always hear from crypto traders is: Where can I find the candidate coins to watch and trade? No worries! CoinUltra has that covered!

The trending tokens section lays out the best performing coins, worse performing coins and coins with the highest trading volume over the last 24 hours, last 7 days and last one month. We have carefully built this function to include only coins that can beat a minimum volume threshold so that it will yield more meaningful and actionable information.

6. More Advanced Charts for the Experts

Expert traders do not just look at the top performers for new ideas. They dig into correlations for potential trades. They also look at overall market conditions to decide whether it is a good time to trade at all. To meet those needs, CoinUltra also comes with handy information. The chart below shows the correlation among a group of coins.

Last but not least, BANCA team has built another highly recommended chart where our server will automatically aggregate the sentiment scores on all news feeds and present it in one number, continuously, in real-time! For that, no screenshots is included, please explore for yourself in the near future!

Development Progress:

1. In progress: More bug fixes and updates during testing phase including:

a) Bug fixes on some user interface interactions;

b) Optimization of backend algorithms;

c) Fixed bugs on topic tagging for some coins;

d) Continued improvement of AI models;

e) Continued beautification of layouts;

f) Continued search for improvements.

2. In progress: The training dataset for our AI model continues to grow and train a better neural network model. The CNN model currently is running on more than 4 million parameters and continues to grow as more data is added to the training set, which will enlarge the total vocabulary. The improvement of the model will continue to be in progress even after the release of alpha version.

BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.

Telegram channel:

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