FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market) contest listing for BANCA token

Banca has been chosen as one of the projects, who can potentially be listed on Fcoin exchange in the nearest future!

The rules of the contest have been published in here:


From now on till 0:00 on July 1st, 2018, the tokens with top 20 total number of deposit accounts will be eligible for the first listing on the FCoin GPM on July 2, 2018!

Please kindly help and support us by participating!

Few clarifications:

  1. Please register on https://www.fcoin.com/i/GOa3v
  2. Under Finance button — balance — GPM you will see a wallet address to deposit BANCA.

There is no need to deposit big amount, even 100 or 1000 BANCA will be sufficient for your vote to be qualified.

Crucial is the total number of people to participate! As more people participate and deposit as more chances we have to win!

Good luck to us to get listed on a new promising and fast developing exchange Fcoin!

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Banca — The Wall Street on Blockchain!

Recently a team of veterans from Wall Street and Silicon Valley is creating new type of a community platform using blockchain technology, facilitated by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to build Wall Street on Blockchain. The project is named ‘Banca’, a cryptocurrency community platform based on AI and Big Data.

Website: https://www.banca.world
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Banca_Official
Announcements channel: https://t.me/BancaPublic