Introduction to CoinUltra Beta

Since its release, CoinUltra Beta Version has already attracted attention from many crypto lovers, including some who have signed up for VIP in its first weeks of operation. However, we think many users are still hesitating on whether to go for a VIP subscription because they are wondering what exactly a VIP experience will bring. BANCA team would like to solve this issue by giving a brief introduction to CoinUltra Beta Version.

Firstly, we would like to emphasize the Beta Version is an all-around upgrade comparing to Alpha Version as we have all the machine learning models involving its core function, real-time news feeds, re-trained for much larger dataset. This will improve the accuracy of the tagging models, which will in turn further improve users’ experience. We have upgraded both news and market sections along with carrying out a brand-new listing timer section.

For instance, we have added additional tags on the candle chart in market section of CoinUltra, showing more detailed market information as well as related news at the specific time of each tick (shown in the chart above). This function is useful when it comes to explaining why a big up tick or down tick happens in a certain time. BANCA is proud to be the pioneer to bring this useful function to the market!

Next up, the listing timer is certainly one of the most important feature for this new version of CoinUltra. In this section, we can list as many as 16 most recent exchange listings, starting from the ones that are about to happen in the near future and down to those that have just happened recently. New listings usually enjoy the most attention from the public and the highest volume. With the VIP subscription, you will gain access to the exact timing of the listings first-hand and will definitely have an information advantage comparing to non-VIPs!

In each of those listing blocks, BANCA team has put more dedicated efforts in user-friendliness of the design. Apart from the most important details of the listing: ticker of the coin, exchange name and a count-down in terms of seconds, we have adjusted the time of the listing, which is originally taken from exchange website with advanced scrapping techniques, according to the timezone of each user. We are going the extra mile because we would like to make our VIPs more comfortable by showing them the exact listing time in their own timezone!

That is it for the introduction on all the wonderful functions of CoinUltra Beta Version. Still want to know more about it? Please support BANCA by subscribing as VIP user for CoinUltra!

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