Dear Community

Here at Banca, we believe that each community member has the right to contribute to our Token Sale in a safe and secure way. Therefore, we have decided to share with you a few steps that will help you protect yourself from scams, but also share with you some rules that we will implement due to our Token Sale that starts soon (February 26th 2018) at 7 am UTC. (3pm Singapore)

Let’s first start with the tips:

1. Never trust anyone sharing any ETH address or offering any bonus via private messages on Telegram. Both Banca and AmaZix team will never send you a private message containing any contribution address. There are many scammers that impersonate us and they even change their name, username and picture to resemble admins in an attempt to scam people.

Therefore, the conclusion is simple. If you receive any offer via a private message, it is a scam. Please block that person and ignore it.

2. Always trust the pinned message. Pinned messages can only be written by admins, so all information contained in it is legit. Our Telegram group is:

In addition, in the pinned message you will always find the most relevant information, such as Token Sale Instructions and all important social media, including the official website.

3. Bookmark the official website. One of the most common scams is when scammers create an almost identical website and change only one letter in the website address link. Our website is and so please bookmark it to be sure you are always visiting the legit website.

4. Always double check emails. Scammers often send fake emails containing fake contribution addresses or fake website addresses. You should always be careful with any received email and confirm whether that email address is legit or not. In addition, no one will send you any contribution address via email, so please be careful regarding these types of scams as well.

And now, let us share simple Rules that will be applied 30 minutes prior to the Token Sale and until the end of the Token Sale.

1. 30 minutes prior to the Token Sale, the group will be muted by AmaZix bot, so only admins can write.

2. We will put all important information in the pinned message, so make sure to read it and follow the instructions.

3. Anyone who tries to write during the mute period will be put into read-only mode for one hour. After that hour expires, if the group is still muted and you write, the process will repeat (you will be in read-only for one hour again).

4. The bot immediately bans anyone posting any ETH address or link.

ICO details

Starting time — February 26th2018, 7am UTC (3pm Singapore time zone)

Closing time — once the allocation is sold out.

Total ICO allocation — 1 500 000 USD (500 000 000 BANCA tokens)

Price per token — 1 BANCA = 0.002 $

Min cap per person — 1 000 USD

Max cap per person — 5 000 USD

Accepted currency — ETH

Whitelist — yes, by email address. Confirmation emails will be sent to the participants.

Link to participate — , starting from 26th Feb 6.30am UTC please sign up with your whitelisted email, follow the straightforward process inside the platform to contribute.

The same link is on our website under *Token Sale*

KYC — yes, after the successful purchase of Banca tokens. Just like presale, USA and China citizens cannot participate.

After successful verification of your KYC — please claim the purchased tokens inside the platform by providing ERC20 compatible wallet, they are not locked.

As we have received some concerns, we would like to inform the Token Sale participants that for the presale investors 1/3 of their purchased tokens and the bonus is locked for 3 months. Team tokens and advisor tokens are on a vesting schedule.

Risk Warning

Banca team made it clear that relevant users were well-aware of the risks of participating in Banca.

Investors, once involved, understand and accept the risks of the project and are willing to personally bear all the corresponding results or consequences.

Banca team made it clear that it would not bear any direct or indirect losses from participating in Banca platform, including:

1.Any possible investment risks arising from users’ participation in the projects recommended by BANCA platform

2.Any errors, carelessness or inaccurate information arising from personal understanding

3.Losses arising from individual trading in all types of blockchain assets and any acts resulting therefrom.

BANCA is an encrypted token used by Banca platform. It shall not be regarded as an investment.

We cannot guarantee that BANCA will definitely appreciate, and in some cases there is the possibility of a decline in its value, however Banca team will do their best to support the project and develop the product/platform in a due time.

People who do not correctly use BANCA may lose their right to use the corresponding tokens.

BANCA is not an ownership or right of control.

Controlling BANCA does not mean ownership of Banca platform.

BANCA does not grant any individual the right to participate, control, or to make decisions on BANCA platform.

Given that the governments’ regulatory attitude towards blockchain and encrypted digital currency industries is still unclear, the risk of establishing blockchain industry fund is objective.

Moreover, because blockchain industry is at the very early stage of development, there are many uncertain risks. In addition, digital currency is stored in a special way, therefore fund risks may be caused by human errors.

In response to fund risks, all large-value digital currencies are stored by multiple wallets+cold storage in joint administration by members of the foundation.

Under 3/5 multi-signature, the risk of theft and embezzlement of funds can be effectively reduced.

These risks may lead to the final failure of the project.

ICO participants shall evaluate these carefully.

Legal affairs

Banca Foundation is currently established in Singapore. Matters requiring legal advice need to be confirmed by a local lawyer. Dispute resolution Where there is a dispute, the parties concerned shall, in accordance with the agreement, solve it by consultation. If it cannot be solved through consultation, it may be ruled by the court of the place where the foundation is registered according to the local law.