BANCA Project Update 22.9.2021

General Update:

After a brief period of online test for CoinDr, BANCA team has already set out to develop more contents for this research platform. Those new researches are expected to take more efforts for our team and will join the CoinDr platform in its beta version. At the same time, we will continue to put efforts in maintaining existing reports, including those that require frequent update of model parameters and those that involve more manual work.

Over the past week, three new reports have been uploaded to CoinDr, including new issues of Advanced Crypto Trends, CoinAI Research Report and Momentum Factor Tracker. Those existing reports will continue to update and provide useful insights. For example, in Advanced Crypto Trends report, we are seeing a significant downward trend in True Risk Index for most of the coins. This shows a relatively optimistic trading environment in the near future. However, the index for BTC has continued its upward trend, which is different from most other coins. In the latest CoinAI Research Report, our machine learning model currently recommend the following of “expert ideas”. In the updated Momentum Factor Tracker, the models show best result using 14-day returns as a measure of “momentum”. Those conclusions can help users generate a good picture of how they should approach the current market.

In this month’s updates, we will continue our introduction to research reports in CoinDr alpha version to give potential users a better idea about what they are going to get. Last time, we talked about the ERC-20 Market Observer and Momentum Factor Tracker. This time, we want to bring you closer to another interesting report currently on CoinDr.

The report we would like to introduce today is the Advanced Crypto Trends report. It already has the first issue uploaded to CoinDr as a VIP research report. This report takes both data from third-party API and data from web crawling. To start with, we take trading data from API. We then construct a basic risk parameter using the historical volatility, short-term drawdown as well as some technical signals. This basic risk parameter is then enhanced by sentiment and social media data we gather through our proprietary web crawlers. Our assumption was that the sentiment data will significantly improve the predictive power of the traditional, trading-based risk parameter. In our backtesting which lasted for months for this single model, the new parameter has proven to be significantly better. We have named this parameter “True Risk Index”. Similar work was done on the other two parameters in the same report, which are “Trading Easiness Index” and “Adjusted Crowdedness Index”.

Development Progress:

  1. Online testing of CoinDr alpha version is finished.
  2. Designing of research reports for CoinDr beta version has started.
  3. Some bug-fixings for CoinShell have finished.

BANCA Platform

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