BANCA Project Update 27.10.2021

General Update:

BANCA team now continues to further our research and develop new research reports for CoinDr beta version. Some of those new research will be built upon existing researches. For example, in alpha version, factor research only covers the basic format of momentum factor. But this basic format is being tracked and exploited by so many traders that the effectiveness is unstable. In order to gain more meaningful results, we need to explore more factors to see which ones are more effective. At the same time, beta version will also include some brand new researches. All those new reports need the same back-testing and modeling techniques as alpha version reports.

As another three more reports just got uploaded to the platform, here we will continue introducing alpha version contents to give current and potential users a better idea about CoinDr alpha version.

The research report we would like to introduce today is the Advanced Allocation Series. This is a very special report because, unlike other reports, it is run purely by AI model. This report mainly targets mid-to-long term crypto traders, who would like to build a more diversified portfolio of cryptos instead of trying to strike a homerun by buying one or two cryptos. When it comes to allocation strategy, traditional finance has done much work and has come up with several interesting solutions. This report has covered all the important ones and gives periodical suggestions on how you should allocate across the five major cryptos. Periodically, our AI model will download data from third-party API, automatically feed those data into our machine learning model, take model outputs and automatically generate a beautiful report which includes current weight suggestions, historical cumulative returns (back-test returns) and historical weighting charts for each of the five cryptos. In order to make the report possible, BANCA team have done extensive research on modern allocation theory. We then back-tested all potential theories using data from cryptos market. We had to drop models, which might be widely used in traditional finance markets but do not quite fit into the cryptos market.

Development Progress:

  1. Research of CoinDr beta version reports continue.
  2. We have updated model parameters for CoinShell signal models.
  3. We have fixed some bugs in CoinDr alpha version reports.

BANCA Platform

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