BANCA Weekly Update 27.07.2018

  1. It is finally here! We have released Korean versions for both BANCA and COINAI. Our Korean community is already playing an important role during the process, helping us to make many of the translations right. Thanks to our marvelous Korean community!
  2. We have pushed our marketing efforts into Korean media this week. Now over 200 websites and media platforms will be reporting about BANCA project!
  3. Important updates on exchange listings: BANCA is a high quality project so we hope to be listed on first tier exchanges. For that reason, we are in the process of talking to FCoin about voluntary delisting as the trading has not been what we expected after being listed on FCoin. FCoin is now holding internal meetings about the potential delisting.
  4. Meanwhile surprisingly, BANCA got listed on Cointong, a Korean exchange. We would like to claim here that it has never been our intention to be listed on Cointong but it was the exchange that unilaterally made the decision to list BANCA token.
  5. As we have mentioned before, we are getting very close to achieving our first user case for BANCA token with the new version in final testing phase. Let us all get our BANCA tokens ready for the upcoming release!

Development progress:

6. Finished: Korean versions of BANCA and COINAI. Users now can switch between languages through the navigation bar (shown below):

7. In progress: COINAI payment function for Banca token is in final testing. It is expected to finish and meet the public next week!

8. In progress: We are making improvements to the main page of COINAI so that users can access its powerful functions more directly. It will also add more features to emphasize the idea of ‘community’.

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BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.

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