Important Annoucement

Dear Community Members,

Banca since its inception has made great achievements. We have successfully launched CoinAI, ‘World’s Leading Quantitative Research Engine for Cryptos’, as our first utility. We recently announced CoinUltra, which is our second utility and we are making good progress on the product. We are among the few crypto projects that have established a clear user case for its token, with even more utilities to come in the future. Banca token is one of the greatest performers among all the projects that were launched at about the same period. On the exchange side, we are now listed on Hitbtc, Hotbit, Idex, Wazirx in India and Cointong in Korea, maintaining good liquidity while being pursued by fans from all over the world. All those cannot have been achieved without the hard work of the team and the support of our great community!

By now, Banca has entered a new stage of development. With a community of many members (Twitter), it has become important for us to grow more organically and focus more on developing our products and delivering our services to a broader audience. We have decided to close down the official Telegram group as of today, and instead utilize the more mainstream and conventional channels, such as the official Banca website, Twitter, Medium, and Forums like Bitcointalk for communicating with the community. 

We believe that after today, our development will only accelerate, our marketing efforts will be strengthened, and our community will continue to grow. We would like to thank everyone for supporting this decision and following us into the next chapter of Banca!

Banca Team