BANCA Project Update 26.8.2020

General Update:

CoinShell Deep Learning model uses a two-layer LSTM Recurrent Neural Network and each trading pair’s OHLCV data as inputs. It enables automatic search of useful features by AI and dynamic updates of model parameters. It is also more advanced to traditional technical signal models in terms of introducing non-linearity to better represent the real world.

CoinShell Regime Model is based on the behavioral structure of the crypto market as a whole. Using two simple regime measures frequently used in traditional financial world, we divide the whole history into four regimes. Then, based on the regime we are in at any moment, the model can make predictions of future price movements.

CoinShell Autoregressive Signal is based on classic ARIMA time-series analysis techniques. It exploits predictive power from both the autocorrelation and mean-reversion features in the history of the trading pair and gives potential signals when predicted trading range yields enough confidence.

Development Progress:

  1. Front-end and back-end development continues for CoinShell Beta Version.
  2. Testing of advanced trading signals continues.

BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.