BANCA Weekly Update 20.07.2018

BANCA and COINAI have been translated into Korean and will meet the Korean public once it passes our internal testing! 2. In the process of entering Korean market, we are making sure to partner with the best-quality service providers! Including media, community organizer, translator,etc.! 3. The team has decided to add more community features toContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 20.07.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 06.07.2018

With our amazing community support, BANCA has succeeded in getting listed on FCoin GPM, the world’s fastest growing crypto asset trading platform, and is now open for trading at About FCoin: World´s First Community-based, Autonomous and Transparent Digital Asset Trading Platform Distributes 80 percent of its revenue to FCoin token (FT) holders on a continuesContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 06.07.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 29.06.2018

Calling for all Banca supporters! Banca has a decent chance to get listed on ,but still need everyone`s vote to win! . Lets make it happen together! It takes only a few simple steps to vote for banca on 1. Register on 2. Go to Finance — Balance — GPM — You will see a wallet address to deposit BANCAContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 29.06.2018”

FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market) contest listing for BANCA token

Banca has been chosen as one of the projects, who can potentially be listed on Fcoin exchange in the nearest future! The rules of the contest have been published in here: From now on till 0:00 on July 1st, 2018, the tokens with top 20 total number of deposit accounts will be eligible forContinue reading “FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market) contest listing for BANCA token”