BANCA Weekly Update 01.06.2018

Last week was pretty eventful for Banca as we have released our updated website and an alpha version of the seed application CoinAI for everyone to try it out! However, this is just the beginning of the revolution for Wall Street on Blockchain as we have more amazing things to develop in theContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 01.06.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 25.05.2018

Banca is a community-driven platform, where people participate, learn, share and contribute for the benefits of everyone. This week our team has prepared a special update on our GitHub page — Arbitrage trading strategy algorithms created by Banca team! Please feel free to visit to check it out. We will keep updating our GitHub page inContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 25.05.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 04.05.2018

It has been Labour Day in China but BANCA team is working hard as usual. GitHub page was created for BANCA, where our tech team will constantly post updates on the project development. It could be found in here We have signed a partnership agreement with Proxy Card , our community from now onContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 04.05.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 20.04.2018

Purchase of more servers for high-performance cloud services took place this week. Development of the platform could be formally transferred to the production and quality checking next week. 2. We have a new member joining us for back end technology development. The core members posses over 10 years of work experience in large-scale Internet companies,Continue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 20.04.2018”

BANCA Weekly Update 13.04.2018

Our RoadMap is being followed as our team works hard in China. Today we would like to update our community on the technical aspects of the development progress. We will use multiple hosts as servers to ensure high-performance and deliverability during massive usage of BANCA`s comprehensive services. At the moment, the infrastructure has been selectedContinue reading “BANCA Weekly Update 13.04.2018”