BANCA Project Update 21.5.2020

General Update: As CoinShell Alpha Version launched on May 5th, BANCA platform now has three applications, each targeting a different angle of user needs. As a reminder, our latest application, CoinShell, uses innovative machine learning technologies to facilitate short-term trading. In the Alpha version, we only include some most common trading pairs and the simplestContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 21.5.2020”

BANCA Project Update 17.2.2020

General Update: Due to the Coronavirus situation, Chinese government has lengthened Chinese New Year Holidays and further advised companies to have their employees work remotely. Considering the seriousness of the virus outbreak, like many other companies in China at the moment, BANCA team has continued its operation with all team members working from home. WeContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 17.2.2020”

BANCA Project Update 20.12.2019

General Update: 1. BANCA Team has performed deep research on short-term market timing models in the traditional financial market. Those models can be classified into four categories, although deep learning has not so far been widely applied in practice. Those four categories are listed below: Ø Traditional technical signals, such as moving averages; Ø TimeContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 20.12.2019”