BANCA Project Update 25.9.2020

For future updates, go to CoinShell Beta Version is now online! It has joined BANCA platform with the third user case for BANCA token. As promised, CoinShell Beta Version has brought the community many more trading signals, including complicated trading signals, such as those based on neural networks. BANCA’s technology has again pushed theContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 25.9.2020”

BANCA Project Update 26.8.2020

General Update: CoinShell Deep Learning model uses a two-layer LSTM Recurrent Neural Network and each trading pair’s OHLCV data as inputs. It enables automatic search of useful features by AI and dynamic updates of model parameters. It is also more advanced to traditional technical signal models in terms of introducing non-linearity to better represent theContinue reading “BANCA Project Update 26.8.2020”